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​Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is a Crown Corporation of the Government of Canada. Its superseding agency was established after World War II, to help returning war veterans find housing. It has since expanded its mandate to assist housing for all Canadians. The organization's primary goals are to provide mortgage liquidity, assist in affordable housing development, and provide unbiased research and advice to the Canadian government, and housing industry. (Quoted from Wikipedia 2019)

Due to Canada's  critical rental housing shortage, especially shortages in affordable housing, CMHC's mandate has increased to include not only providing rental property mortgage insurance. But, as part of the federal government's National Housing Strategy,  to CMHC actually financing multi-family construction mortgages themselves.

The biggest advantage to a CMHC insured mortgage is lower interest rates, normally ranging for 0.75% to 1.50% below conventional uninsured mortgage rates for the total amortization period and not just the mortgage term.  For a large multi-family mortgage, insurance can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest expenses.

CMHC offers the following 3 construction financing options for the development and construction of rental housing:

1) Market MLI: Mortgage Loan Insurance for Market Rental Construction

     Funds are provided by a CMHC Approved Lender; CMHC provides the mortgage insurance.

     This program is the easiest one for approval and has no affordable rents criteria, but still offers significantly lower interest rates       over the amortization period of the mortgage.

2) MLI Flex: Mortgage Loan Insurance for Affordable Rental Construction

    Funds are provided by a CMHC Approved Lender; CMHC provides the mortgage insurance.

    This program is less onerous than the following RCF Direct Lending Program. But, once the affordable rental criteria are met,

     offers significant financial benefits and savings.

3) RCF Direct Lending Progam; Rental Construction Financing Initiation

    Funds are provided by CMHC as the Lender and underwritten by CMLS and CMHC.

    This program is the most stringent process for approval but offers the greatest financial benefits and savings.  

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Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

CMHC offers mortgage insurance solutions for PURCHASES, RE-FINANCING and CONSTRUCTION of the following types of rental housing: 

​ Standard Rental Housing @ market rents

 Affordable Housing

 Retirement Housing 

 Supportive Housing

 Student Housing

​ Single Room Occupancy

Mortgage Alliance Commercial is an approved CMHC correspondent and will apply directly to CMHC on your behalf.

As each program has its own application process, guidelines and criteria, please contact me to chat about the possibilities.